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TD Knowles & Associates PLLC (TDK Law Group) is a premier law firm focusing on U.S immigration matters, business law and company corporate formation.

Founder and partner of TDK, Timothy D. Knowles works closely with the firm's team of attorneys and over 15 support staff, to achieve the best possible result for each individual client. As a firm, TDK Law Group has lawyers licensed to practice in a number of states within the U.S, including Washington and Texas. TDK Law Group’s staff and attorneys maintain fluency in French, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

In the field of immigration, experience speaks volumes. TDK Law Group has over 25 years of experience as immigration attorneys or consultants, having helped thousands of families worldwide immigrate study and work in the U.S.  They have also helped hundreds of U.S. based businesses meet their critical employment needs, while supporting the transition and settlement of foreign nationals into the United States. With a staunch work ethic combined with effective organization and experience, TDK Law Group offers competent and efficient counsel throughout a variety of immigration programs.

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U.S. Immigration Law

​T. D. Knowles and Associates, PLLC is most dedicated to helping families find their way to a new home in U.S.  Accordingly, the firm offers a wide variety of services in the field of immigration law, with great expertise in Treaty Investor (E-2) and Employment-based immigration categories.​

Regional Center Application


Mr. Knowles and his firm have been leaders in EB-5 since the creation of the Regional Center Program in the early 1990s.  Mr. Knowles has ​formerly served as President of a regional center in SC, and also established successfully amending the designations of approximately over 30 regional centers.  

TDK offers services to establish a new Regional Center, counsel exisitng Regional Centers on the design of projects to ensure they are fully compliant with EB-5 regulations, competitive on investor risk and exit options with other projects in market, and attractive to the agent-distribution market.

TDK also has significant experience in the non-regional center, direct employment EB-5 visa program, which is permanently authorized by the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1990.

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