Zachary attended the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland, for his undergraduate education and obtained an MA Honours in English Literature. He subsequently earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Nebraska-College of Law in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is licensed in Oregon and Washington and working to gain admittance in other jurisdictions, in and outside the USA.


Zachary previously worked for several years as a civil litigation attorney in Seattle, Washington, focusing on real property disputes. Prior to that Zachary worked in the family law sector in Portland, Oregon. Zachary’s practice now focuses on Real Estate matters, Global Citizenship through Investment, as well as on U.S. Immigration matters; specifically all employment based programs. Zachary takes pride in representing investors, individuals, and their families from around the world and embraces the need to find creative solutions for their unique situations.
At T.D. Knowles & Associates, Zachary is the Supervising Attorney for the Real Estate division, the EB-5 matters, and the Global Citizenship through Investment division. 

Zachary believes one of the best things he has been able to do with his law degree is volunteer and offer assistance for individuals in need. Currently Zachary is a volunteer attorney for the Northwest Immigration Rights Project. In the past Zachary volunteered for the St. Andrews Legal Clinic.


In his free time, Zachary enjoys the outdoors, in particular he has been an avid rock-climber for 10 years. When not climbing, travelling, hiking, or getting in turns snowboarding, Zachary can be found either playing soccer or basketball. He is currently on three soccer teams and plays in a pickup basketball game every week. Additionally, Zachary and his girlfriend love to explore the northwest and take along their adorable Chocolate Lab with them on all of their adventures.  

Zachary H. Bryant



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