Our Team

Our Team

TD Knowles & Associates’ seasoned team of immigration lawyers and paralegals is devoted to delivering exceptional and conscientious service concentrating on each client individually. Members of our staff speak a variety of languages and have lived in Asia, Europe, and South America.


The intricate and rapidly shifting character of U.S. immigration law regularly demands that those with immigration wishes are represented by lawyers wholly at ease with the complexities of U.S. immigration laws. Superior legal services may spare considerable time and may avert actions that could jeopardize a foreign national and his or her employer.

All of TDK's atttoneys are members of American Immigration Lawyer Assocation (AILA).


Timothy Knowles

Principal Attorney / Founder

Brian Kaminski

Canadian Attorney

Jennifer Roberts

American Attorney


Jorge Arnao

Spanish and Peruvian

Attorney of Counsel

John Scrantom

American Attorney

Stephen Yun

Sr. Paralegal & business analyst

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