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​T. D. Knowles and Associates, PLLC is most dedicated to helping families find their way to a new home in U.S.  Accordingly, the firm offers a wide variety of service in the field of immigration law,  

with great expertise in Treaty Investor (E-2) and Employment-based immigration categories.​

Regional Center Application


TDK has been the leader in EB-5 since the creation of Regional Center Program in the early 1990s.  Mr. Knowles has ​formerly served as President of a regional center in SC, and also established successfully amending the designations of approximately over 30 regional centers.  

TDK offers services to establish a new Regional Center, counsel exisitng Regional Centers on the design of projects to ensure they are fully compliant with EB-5 regulations, competitive on investor risk and exit options with other projects in market, and attractive to the agent-distribution market.

In 2017, TDK has received 13 approvals and no denials.

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