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Personal attention with a worldwide presence.


TDK Law Group’s philosophy is straightforward and can be represented in 3 words: Integrity, Professionalism, Commitment



TDK Law Group insists on practicing the utmost honesty and integrity when dealing with clients, governments, schools, consultants, agents and partners.  This means informing clients of the strengths and weaknesses of their applications and accurately assessing the prospects for success.  TDK Law Group will always inform clients of the truth of their situation – even if that is not what they want to hear. Maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and truthfulness are pillars of our practice. Mutual trust is at the core of each of our client relationships.



At TDK Law Group, providing competent and informed legal advice is the top priority. TDK diligently monitors each and every stage of every immigration case that it undertakes and rigorously reviews every piece of material its signs and submits. TDK maintains the highest standards of responsiveness and thoroughness to its clients.  



TDK Law Group understands that its clients may have many questions and concerns in deciding if, and how, to take the initial step towards immigrating to the United States.  At TDK, you are not just a file number or a name, you are a commitment that the firm makes. TDK understands that every client possesses unique objectives, circumstances and interests; and TDK is committed to going above and beyond expectations to make sure its clients understand each step in their process.  TDK Law Group takes pride in building long term relationships with every client.


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