Non-Immigrant Visa

Non-Immigrant Visa


TDK advises and represents individuals, immigration consultants, and foreign and domestic businesses on a wide variety of temporary visa matters. If you are looking to visit, work, have an employee you would like to have work in your US based company, or invest in the United States and do not intend to immigrate on a permanent basis, contact TDK to discuss out the best solution for your needs. 

Most non-immigrant visas require that the visa holder maintains a residence outside of  the United States.  All are temporary, but most may be renwed for a period of time.

  • Study

    • F

    • M (Vocationl)

  • Tourism/Business

    • B

  • Treaty Trador / Investor

    • E

  • Work

    • H​

    • L (Intracompany Transferee)

    • O (Extraordinary Ability or Achievement)

    • P (Athelete, Entertainer or Artist)

  • TN - NAFTA Professional Workers

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