Regional Center

Regional Center

What is it?

  • An EB-5 Regional Center is a private enterprise or corporation with a targeted investment program within a defined geographic region


  • The Regional Center Investment Program allocates 3,000 green cards each year for people who invest in designated Regional Centers. The 3,000 is not a limit, just the amount reserved specifically for regional center based investments



  • A Regional Center obtains its designation by submitting a detailed application to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)


  • The Application must state:

    • The kind of businesses that will receive capital from investors

    • The jobs that will be created directly or indirectly as a result of the investment of capital

    • The other positive economic impacts that will result from the investment of capital


  • TDK Law Group partner Timothy Knowles formerly served as President of a regional center in SC in the 1990s

  • Successfully established or amended the designations of approximately 30 regional centers


  • Services Offered:

    • Establishment of a new RC

    • Counsels RC on the design of projects to ensure they are :

      • fully compliant with EB-5 law

      • competitive on investor risk and exit options with other projects in market

      • attractive to the agent-distribution market

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